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May 23, 2017

One month from yesterday is the last day of school.  That means one month from today is the first day of summer break.

The boys will go to two weeks of camp each and we are taking a family vacation in late June and another in late July.

Which does not mean that they won’t be moaning “I’m boooored” on a regular basis.

A few years ago I wrote about my summer strategy:  Craft Tuesdays and a bored jar.

Craft Tuesdays have some what fallen by the wayside, but the Bored Jar is still going strong.  We use it year-round, actually.

But from 2014 to today the boys have grown, obviously.  So I have updated the items in the jar to suit.

The other thing we are doing is the 100 Day Project. Alistair, Larson and I are all participating in this one.

The original intent was to start over the winter, but we are starting on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and ending 100 days later, on the Monday of Labor Day weekend.

Our goal is to do at least one creative thing each day.

We bought sketchbooks to document our projects, and for things that happen in the third dimension (building, making, etc) we will take photos and put them in the books.

We are pretty excited to begin!


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