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March 13, 2017

Yesterday we attended PAX East 2017. Think Comic-Con, but focused on videogames and board games. It was our first time as a family at a big event like this.



The boys were able to play newly released and not-yet-released videogames, and buy a lot of used and hard-to-find games. They were in their glory.

There were also a LOT of cosplayers (people who make and wear costumes based on a favorite character). Some of the costumes were of professional quality; others were clearly homemade projects. In all cases a lot of love when into the process, and it showed.  And just like at a knitting convention, where knitters like nothing more than for people to compliment their handmade items, nothing made even the most menacingly-costumed cosplayer grin like (1) when you recognize the character and call them by name, and (2) when you exclaim over their handiwork.

Last week I told you about my love for all things Zelda. When I saw a cosplay Link walk by, I had to drop everything, stop him and get a photo. I’m just happy I was wearing my shirt!

ComicCon is coming to Boston in April; by then I will have a costume of some sort to wear. And then I can use it at PAX East 2018. 🙂

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