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February 13, 2017

We got a few more inches of snow on Saturday; not enough to be anything but a minor annoyance.

Sunday morning we escaped the house for a few hours and went to a movie.  It was raining when we got to the theater, and by the time we left it giving us the classic wintry mix – a little rain, a little ice, a little snow.

By about 3 it was back to just snow.  Big, heavy, wet flakes of snow.


Heart attack snow is what we call it, because if you aren’t careful when you’re shoveling it out, you might wind up in the emergency room.

It stopped snowing around 10am this morning. Which is coincidentally about the same time Larry walked back in the door, having tried to go to work earlier in the morning but thwarted by the public transportation system. Sigh.

It is above freezing today, which makes the snow melt unto itself, making it even heavier to shovel away.

Wintry mix yesterday makes for icicles today, and the combination of warm weather and gusty winds today make them even more dangerous than usual.

But the sunshine is a good incentive to get the boys outside. Heavy snow’s saving grace is that it is the ultimate material for snowballs, snow forts and snowpeople.

I’m sure they’ll get around to that stuff eventually.

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