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February 10, 2017

We got a nice big snowstorm yesterday; some parts of the Boston area even attained blizzard status.

The experts saw this one coming from a few days off, so everyone had plenty of time to plan accordingly. School for Thursday was canceled midafternoon on Wednesday, so I brought my laptop home with me and was able to work from home without incident.  Larry’s office did not close, but I do not have faith in the combination of the elements and the public transportation system these days, so I prevailed upon him to take a sick day.

The storm was a cold and windy one, so the snowflakes were small and light, which means it was blowing around and visibility was poor.  On the plus side light snow is easier to clear, on the minus it tends to blow around after clearing.


In this photo the snow is so fine you can’t even tell it’s snowing, but it is; it’s whipping around almost sideways.

All in all we had a low-key day. The boys mostly occupied themselves, Larry alternated between cat naps and shoveling, I plugged away at a data-cleansing project for work that I’ve been avoiding for a week or so.  Later in the afternoon, I was able to work in the ends of Alistair’s latest hat while Larry made dinner.


I will begin work on Larson’s tonight.

Last night they cancelled school for today. This morning the sky is blue, the air is cold, and there are snowdrifts everywhere. I took this the first time I opened the back door today.  That’s a 6-inch drift. 🙂


Another couple of storms in the forecast for the weekend.  I suspect the novelty will wear off pretty quickly.

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