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January 20, 2017

Historically I am not a political person.  I feel like you have an opinion, I have an opinion, we are both allowed to have opinions, so let’s just move on.

However, I’m going to get into it a little bit today.  I won’t apologize for my opinions, but I will try to lay things out objectively and I do hope you will take a moment to hear me out.

You may have heard that here in the US we have a new president being sworn in today. Most people did not vote for him, but the way our electoral system is laid out, he got the necessary votes in the necessary places to win the electoral college, so in he goes.

From a personal standpoint, I try to be a tolerant person. I give people – family, friends, co-workers, strangers – the benefit of the doubt until and unless their actions display in no uncertain terms that they are unworthy of that leeway. And then I do my best to simply avoid engaging with them.  Larry and I have made a conscious effort to raise our children in that vein: You don’t have to LIKE everyone, but do you have to be tolerant of their opinions, and you have to respect them as human beings.

In all truth I think that this is the American way. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all – but not at the expense of anyone else’s pursuit of same. Right? That about sums it all up for me.

Folks, I am worried.

I am worried that by and large the incoming administration’s idea of the American way is more along the lines of “hooray for me, the hell with you”.

I am worried that there are a larger-than-expected number of citizens in this country who believe more in the latter way than in the former.


I am worried that friends and family are at risk simply because they don’t look, believe or behave the way that the incoming administration does.

I have many many other worries around all this.  So much so that, despite all my instincts that make me want to stay home curled up under a blanket, I am doing the exact opposite.


In the past couple of weeks I’ve made a bunch of hats for the PussyHat Project.

Tomorrow I will march in Boston.

In the coming weeks and months, I will extend myself to support organizations that need help – social justice organizations, for sure, but also nonprofit healthcare organizations, environmental conservation organizations, and organizations that support the arts.

Up til now I’ve been supporting these various causes with my checkbook. Now I will also vote with my feet. And my time.

Really and truly, I hope all of my fears are unfounded and in several months I will look back and this post and laugh.

But I am deeply concerned that I am not overreacting.

And so, I will continue to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. That is just who I am.



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