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January 3, 2017

As expected, Alistair stayed up til midnight on New Year’s Eve. Larson made it til 9:30, then fell asleep on the couch, so we woke him at 11:45 to see the ball drop.

We all slept in on New Year’s Day, and then went on a little neighborhood geocache walk. We found three in the space of about 40 minutes.


Over the course of the break I managed to add another strip to the scrap-yarn blanket.  All of the scrap sock yarn I have has been used for one strip of it now.


I have enough scrap left for two more full rounds, so I will start the sequence again and see what happens. I don’t think any of the remaining yarn will make a strip unto itself, so things should start to get a little crazy-looking from here on.

This is really the perfect at-home project.  All of the yarn was already on hand, so it hasn’t cost me a nickel. Each square takes about an hour, so I can work on it here and there as I have bits of downtime. And there is no deadline other than running out of yarn.

I’m hoping to get this to close to 4 foot square – right now it’s 33 inches square. I keep changing my mind on whether it needs a border edging, and if so what type of border. Plenty of time to figure that out, of course.

With the ending of one year and the beginning of the next, comes the closing of one book and the opening of another. Behold my 2016 journal (orange) and my 2017 one.


I read this article a couple of weeks ago and it rings very true in my experience. Why You Should Write Things Down.


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