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November 4, 2016

As you may know, I started on this running thing back in 2013, sort of on a whim.

I bought sneakers at an outlet, and when they wore out, I bought a new pair at a different outlet. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Here we are, three and a half years later, and while I’ve set and achieved any number of goals in between, I haven’t gotten any more strategic about running shoes.

At some point over the summer someone mentioned to me that a lot a running specialty stores will do a free assessment, to help you make sure you are wearing sneakers that are best suited for you.

That is to say, based on criteria other than color. 🙂

Well, Larry and I had the day off yesterday to take care of an assortment of things, and so finally I went to a running store and got myself assessed.  Mind you, I don’t need a new pair just yet – the experts say that most running shoes are good for 300-400 miles, and these are right at 280.  Also, I went on my first run with the current pair on January 1, and my OCD brain doesn’t want me to abandon these until December 31. Nonetheless, we had the time, so in we went.

They had me remove my shoes and socks, then watched me walk and looked at the way I stand.

Turns out I’ve been wearing shoes that are best for stability. Which is fine in and of itself, except that the brand in question tends to run narrow with a high arch.  My feet are of average width, but my arches are definitely on the low side. Also, I’ve been wearing the wrong size – apparently most people need a different running size than they do shoe size. Who knew?

So they brought out a sample pair that was more suitable for me, and had me run down the block and back. They were better than my normal sneakers, but they felt too floppy. So they had me try another pair. And then a third.

When it was all said and done, I learned a lot, and walked out with a pair of shiny new running shoes.

I googled the sneakers when I got home, and the price I paid was the same as they are selling for online, so it’s not like the store marks up the shoes to pay for the assessments.

I’m pretty happy about it all.

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