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September 13, 2016

After thinking about the bullet journal thing for several weeks, I finally broke down and started keeping one.

Oh, I haven’t abandoned any of the tools I mentioned in that post.  I’ve just started another.

I got a free pocket-sized bound notebook at a conference last year, so that’s what I’m using. I am into the fourth week, and the contents and intentions of the thing have changed quite a bit in the short time since I started.

At the beginning it was a complete duplicate of my Remember the Milk list, along with the dinner menu for each day (about which I was inspired by skinnytaste), and things I wanted to do for myself – like exercise and “me time”.  Me Time is defined in my head as, things I enjoy doing recreationally, like reading or knitting or watching bad tv shows. Things I do to keep morale up, you know? I also track cash spending, because that’s the spending that happens by accident, and I want to start keeping an eye on where my discretionary cash goes.  Also a sentence or two about the day.  Not quite a “dear diary” section, just an overview of things. “First day of school”, and “Alistair has a new loose tooth”.  Etc.

Then I realized that I was doing the RTM things regardless of whether they were in my journal, and they didn’t really need to be tracked twice, so I trimmed my journal to-do down.

I’ve also settled into a one-page-per-day format.

So the top of every page looks like this:



My dentist appointment is the first item on the daily to-do list, which obviously also includes appointments (no cavities, I’m happy to report).  I fill out the other things as they happen, what I did for exercise, whether I was able to find time to meditate (I just started, that’s a post for another day), whether I spent any cash and what I did for myself.  I fill in the weather at the end of the day when I’m writing my daily note.

On the back few pages I keep my beloved lists, one double-side page each: Television shows I want to binge-watch, Movie night movies, Places that might be fun family daytrips, Long-term house projects, Books I want to read, and yarn requirements for patterns on my short list.

As I said it is a pocket-sized notebook, and I thought for sure it was going to be too small, but I actually think it’s just right.  I think this one will definitely get me through the end of 2016, so I will have plenty of time to decide if I need a different size.


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