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August 25, 2016

Sad news on the knitting front.

I have decided to rip out my current project.

It’s not the pattern – the Bella Luna pattern is beautiful and easily memorized.

It’s not the yarn, either – Alfar is gorgeous.

It’s not them, it’s me.

I chose the wrong needles – US 3 – and they are too small for this project.  The pattern says the finished project will be something in the neighborhood of 18 rows to 4 inches.  Granted, my piece has not been blocked, but I’m getting 60 rows to 4 inches.  I don’t really see this thing blocking out to triple its size, do you?


Nonetheless, I’ve been plugging away at this thing for the whole month of August, mostly in denial.  But then last night I looked down and saw that I had shifted the pattern off by one stitch, and I was done. DONE, DONE, DONE.

I have not yet ripped it out.  I’m not quite ready to face the reality of reclaiming the yarn just yet.  But I will knit no further on this project.

I will make this pattern some day, in its proper gauge.

And I will knit with this yarn one day.

But not the two together.

I think I will work a couple of strips of the log cabin blanket while I recover my faith in myself.  It’s been patiently waiting for a return to action, and I think its time has come.


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  1. August 26, 2016 8:54 am

    So sad. But just do it. You’ll be fine by tomorrow! 🙂

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