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July 19, 2016

Last week was a gap week – nobody had camp.  So we cobbled together childcare coverage between here and there.  A day with my mother-in-law, a couple of days home with me, a couple of days home with my parents.  Most of their time on the home days was spent in the backyard playing tetherball.  We bought the set a year or two ago, but they have become recently obsessed.


Then on Saturday we went to the beach.  Revere Beach is the closest beach to us, and happens to be the oldest public beach in the country.  It’s pretty urban – you can get there by subway, in fact – but it’s close and it’s the ocean.  Larry isn’t the world’s biggest beach fan, so when we have a couple of hours to spend at the beach, that’s where we go.  When I can talk him into a full day at the beach, we head further north.

This time we parked ourselves at the farthest edge of the beach.  It was not very crowded, and there were no radios playing.  It was awesome.


They found a bunch of teeny hermit crabs, which was a first at this beach.

IMG_9342  IMG_9343

Then for dinner we had the perfect summer supper.


On Sunday we generally puttered around, but we did take a little walk so the boys could play Pokemon Go…


Alistair is at camp this week and next.  He has decided he’s too old for the “first day of camp” photo thing, so I had to get a little sneaky. And take it on the second day.


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  1. July 19, 2016 11:52 pm

    Seems like it was a good week! That dinner looked delicious

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