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July 12, 2016

Larson just wrapped up two weeks at half-day camp.  It’s the same one he went to last year, with the Friends of the Middlesex Fells.  Just like last year, they were outdoors the whole time.  The Middlesex Fells is a gigantic (2500+ acres) preserve that stretches across several towns just outside Boston.  It is a gorgeous gorgeous place, and despite growing up within a mile of it and hiking up there for years and years, I’ve only touched a fraction of it.  It is an absolute gem.

Anyway, Larson loves the forest so much.  So much that although camp drop-off was at 9:30 and a 10-minute drive away, we usually left the house before 9 and spent the free time rambling around the trails.  Some days we used the paths around the camp, other days we parked at a different entry point.  Either way we set my phone’s timer for half of the available time, and when it beeped we turned around.



I took this photo at Friday’s turnaround point, a full half-mile into the woods.  Not bad for 15 minutes, given the terrain (and the fact that I was wearing flip-flops).  Larson wants to walk the whole trail (5 miles+) sometime this summer.  I told him we would park the car at one end and have someone drop us at the other end.  He’s already making a list of what we’ll need in our backpacks. 🙂

I love summer.

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