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May 17, 2016

Last week Larson and I went to Kindergarten Orientation.  Moving from preschool to kindergarten is a pretty big deal!


He was happy to learn that a number of kids from his preschool class will be attending the same school.  There are four kindergarten classes, so it’s unlikely that they’ll all be together, but the odds are good that there will be one or two of the kids in each class.  IMG_8810

On Saturday we had a family field trip.  To FENWAY PARK!!

We took Alistair to a minor-league game there years ago, and he had a school field trip there in first grade, but this was his first Red Sox game – and Larson’s first visit altogether.

Luckily the weather was on our side, it was sunny and mid-70’s.



We had fairly good seats, and we were in the shade, which is perfect because I hadn’t thought to apply sunscreen on anyone, and three out of four of us don’t like the heat.


The boys couldn’t believe the assortment of food you could buy from the roaming vendors – hot dogs, lemonade, sports bars, popcorn – and quickly watching the game became secondary to eating, hahaha.

I was a happy girl – I love Fenway Park.  There is something indescribable about being there.  So much green, so much sky.  My eyes usually tear up a little the first time I go from the concourse into the stands.  Every.  Single.  Time.


It’s just magical.

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