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March 8, 2016

Over the past few weekends we’ve been working on updating Larson’s room.

Nothing too major, just took down the old decorations, put on a fresh coat of paint, and put up new decals.

Here’s the before, sagey green and dinosaurs:IMG_8135


And the after, a nice sky blue and Star Wars:


We plan a more extensive renovation for Alistair’s room in the next couple of months, so some of the furniture will be relocated from one room to the next.  But Larson is pretty excited to have a big-boy room.

Last Wednesday was Dr Seuss’ birthday, on which we always pay a little homage to the man and his legacy.


Oh, and have you seen that recipe for rigatoni pie that’s been floating around the internet lately?  I made it for dinner on Sunday.


I was expecting it to not work out, to fall apart into a cheesy sloppy mess once we took the springform off. But I’m happy to report that it kept its structure not only after de-springing, but also once it was sliced.


On balance it was delicious, but not exponentially better than a baked ziti or a lasagna.  And since it’s quite a bit more labor-intensive than either of those things, I don’t expect to make it again.

However, there’s a major wow factor, and if I was cooking to impress I would consider it.


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