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February 16, 2016

Despite the groundhog’s prediction, winter marches on here.  This past weekend was the coldest it’s been in Boston since the 1950’s – air temperatures below zero, double-digits below when you add the wind chill.

Other than a trip to the grocery store, we stayed in on Saturday. Cozy and warm with our lined socks, Larry made cookies from scratch and we watched movies.



We don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s day around here, but any excuse for chocolate is okay in my book…


On Sunday afternoon the BSO presented a free chamber quintet concert at the historical theater in our town, so we bundled up and headed over.  I wore six different handknits (eight if you cound mittens and socks individually rather than as a pair) –


And a good time was had by all.  The boys sat quietly – so quietly that Larson fell asleep midway through!


Monday was Presidents Day and the boys and I made marbellized paper using shaving cream and food coloring.  They played with the foam for much longer than they did the craft, but that’s what vacation days are all about, really.



Last but not least, a little knitting.  I started this blanket in February 2015 with bits of leftover sock yarn that had been in my stash.  A year later, giving it a row of squares betwixt and between other project, and here we are.


81 squares, at 45 minutes or so each.  It’s 27″ square now, and I think it needs to be at least 45-48″ to be a good blanket size.  So I need at least twelve more rows of squares.  I have four more colors of scraps in my stash, which will get me one more round.  And then I will have to decide – do I start using the unused sock yarn in my stash?  Do I use the sock yarn in my stash for other projects and wait to accumulate more scraps?  Do I break down and buy some new sock yarn just for this?

For the time being, I’m putting this aside for now.  I’m ready for a bit of a break from this, and I have a project bag already stocked for the next item.

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