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February 8, 2016

The snow stopped just after 3pm on Friday, and the boys went straight outside.


It was a heavy wet snow, which is perfect for playing and terrible for cleaning up.

Saturday was a completely different animal.  It was sunny, warmish, and clear.  Too sloppy for running but I took a walk along the river.  It was one of those storms where the snow and ice stick to the trees, which makes everything sparkle when the sun comes out.


It was even warmed on Sunday, so there was a lot of melting and I was able to take a 3-mile run outdoors.

Sunday also happened to be Superbowl day, and although our team wasn’t playing, we muddled through with ridiculous eating.  Here is a shot of the ribs Larry made


and the giant pretzels I made.


We also planned for queso and guacamole, but were too full.

But no matter, we are all at home again today, thanks to another snowstorm and another snow day.  This one is variously calling for snow totals between 4-8, 5-10, or 9-14, depending on which channel you watch.  There’s really no telling what we’ll end up with, until it stops.  But this is a completely different storm than last weeks’, there is a lot of wind and it is very cold; that means the snow will be easy to shovel, at least.

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