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September 21, 2015

The autumnal equinox isn’t until Wednesday, which means we’re technically still in late summer here, but the winds of change are blowing.  It’s dark when I leave for my 6am run, the sun hits me squarely in the eye when we walk to school at 8:15…the leaves are still green and firmly attached to the branches, but fall is definitely in the air.

And so, we start to think about soup again.

Which is funny, because when we’re at the Farm there’s soup with dinner every night no matter how hot it is outside.  Turkey soup, tomato-cheddar soup, and my favorite:  Gap Mountain Stew.  I mentioned my abiding love for it on twitter last week, and the Farm’s social media team offered to send me the secret recipe.

(There are perks to being a customer for 36 years, it seems.)

So I made it yesterday.  The prep was the toughest part, and frankly wasn’t that tough.


The results speak for themselves.


I was so happy to have it that I neglected to take a photo of my first bowl, hence the ring around my bowl.

My kids were happy, my husband was happy; today my mother came over for lunch and she was happy…everyone’s a winner when Gap Mountain Stew is on the menu.

Interested in the recipe?  Sorry.  Unless you’ve been a customer for 30 plus years, probably the only way you can get a bowl is to visit the Farm.  Which you should do anyway.

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