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March 31, 2015

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, they say.

Here we are in the afternoon of the last day of March.  It was sunny and nearly 50 today, definitely lamb weather.

However, it snowed yesterday and it was only about 30 on Sunday…that’s fairly lionish.  Leonine?

And yet… there are definite signs of spring if you care to look for them.


Of course, they’re overshadowed by the lingering signs of winter.


There are still snow mounds on many corners, and my backyard still has a good 8-12 inches of snow on it.  These photos were taken in my front yard – the sunny side of which is completely bare of snow, and the side above still has a goodly sized snow pile.  Such a snow pile that my trash barrels are still ensconced on the sidewalk, because the path to and the gate behind which they reside are still inaccessible.

This IS New England, after all; frankly, I’m not convinced we’ve seen the end of winter weather just yet.

But I think it will be late summer before you hear anyone around here complaining about the summer heat!

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