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March 24, 2015

Last week was St Patricks’ Day, which is a big party of a day to many (if not most) Bostonians.  Since it is also Evacuation Day, schools within Suffolk County are closed, as are many businesses.  We live a stone’s throw into the next county, so we didn’t have the day off.  And in point of fact my partying days are mostly over.

Nonetheless the boys like theme days of any sort.  They wore green shirts to school, and we had Shamrock Shakes for dessert.


I *may* have had a Guinness.  Or two.

In the knitting department, we have some babies joining our family circle in the summer (boy-girl twins! Woohoo!).  I ordered and have received a big box of yarn.  Knitting will begin shortly, but in the meantime I started what will ultimately be a long term project.


It’s a variation on the very contagious mitered-square blanket.  I have this thing where I can’t organize colors randomly, so I’m working the squares in a log-cabin configuration, changing yarns at each corner.

Each square is taking about 45 minutes.  I’m working this exclusively on the weekends, and giving weeknights over to the baby knitting.  I have just realized that I will run out of yarn scraps long before the blanket is big enough to be a usable piece, and am now trying to figure out what that means.  Do I buy sock yarn earmarked for this?  And if I do, do they all need to be identical, or coordinating, or can they be completely random?

Delicious ambiguity.  I love it.

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