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February 24, 2015

Last week was school vacation in these parts.  Given the amount of snow days we’ve had this month, having a week off wasn’t the novelty it usually is.

The kids were shuffled from pillar to post as usual, although I was able to take a couple of days off to hang out with them.  On Friday we went to see the SpongeBob Movie, for instance.

On Saturday we ventured into town to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum.  We had prepped Alistair beforehand, so he knew about the mansion’s backstory, and the theft, and the empty frames still hanging on the walls.  He was duly impressed.

The Gardner happens to be my all-time favorite museum.  I love the way there’s no real rhyme or reason to the collection, how it so closely mirrors the average person’s house – the “I like this, so I’m getting it” philosophy, writ large and absolutely crammed into a house.  But on this visit, I could not tear my eyes away from the courtyard.  It was so sunny and so green and so very lush.  It gave me a spark of hope that this winter might actually end eventually.








It was nearly 50 degrees on Sunday.  I went for a very sloppy, very slushy, very slow run in the morning, and after lunch Larry decided to check on the gutters.

If you live in a warm climate you may not know this, but snow and rain trapped in gutters will freeze, and could back up onto your roof, into your attic, and generally ruin your day.  People try all number of home remedies to avoid this, including stuffing pantyhose with ice melt and tossing them onto the roof, or creating ice melt patties.  Our gutters are midway up the side of the house, so we can lean out the upstairs windows and pour ice melt or rock salt down into the gutters, in hopes that they will tag-team with the sun and keep the water running.   Sometimes it’s enough, sometimes – particularly when the bottom two feet of downspout is covered in snow – it doesn’t.   We shovel the snow away as best we can, but sometimes it’s already too late.

This year it was already too late, so Larry had to get up on the ladder with an ice pick and a watering can full of rock salt.


I am relieved to report that his teetering on a metal ladder propped on seven feet of snow was uneventful.

Oh, and the gutters are clear.

For now.

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