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February 17, 2015

So yeah, we got another blizzard this weekend – that’s the second one this year, which apparently has never happened in Boston.  Big whoop.

We are collectively so over it.  We’re at 98 inches for the winter.  So far.  We’ve had snow on the ground as late as April here, so none of us believes this is the end.  However, we’re all hoping for a few days of above-freezing temperatures so some of these snowbanks can, if not melt away, at least condense themselves a bit.


To add insult to injury, we’ve had subzero temperatures since Friday, although I think today is supposed to get to a balmy 20.  The kids have had no interest in playing outside whatsoever.

So I’ve been racking my brain and Pinterest to find things to do inside.  Yesterday we tried painted snow.

Essentially to set up paper on a tray, with a rack of some sort above it, and you pile snow on the rack then paint it.




As the snow melts the paint drips onto the paper.




Unfortunately, the trays also collect the water, so the papers just turned into cloudy messes rather than the abstract impressionistic gems we were hoping for.

Next time I’ll put the paper on a rack in the tray.  Maybe we’ll do it today.  It’s not like we’re running short on snow.

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