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February 13, 2015

In spring 2013 our guild took a bus trip to Webs.  Among a satchel of other things I bought a bag and a half of yarn with the idea of making the Hourglass sweater.

By the time I actually got around to knitting a pullover it was July 2014 and I was smitten by the Licorice Whip.  Which is what I cast on.

Sometime in the early fall I finished knitting the body, and put it into time out while I worked on my Christmas knitting.  And then a quick shawlette as a treat for finishing my Christmas knitting.

Finally in January I picked it back up with a grim determination to finish it before starting something else.

I bound off the second sleeve last Friday night and made Larry take a “before blocking” photo Saturday morning:


Then away to the tub it went, for a nice soak.  Given the weather we’re having it wasn’t dry until Monday evening.



(Please ignore the state of my hair and skin by Monday, we’d just gotten another 18 inches of snow that day and I’d been working at home, managing the boys, and keeping up with the shoveling throughout).

But about the sweater – what a difference blocking makes.  Everything has just relaxed, you know?  I might unpick the bottom hem and redo it with a stretchier bind-off.

I’ve got a pair of socks on the go now, and after that, who knows?

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