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February 9, 2015


Have you heard about this new bulletproof coffee fad that’s sweeping the nation?

Basically you use grass-fed unsalted butter instead of your usual cream/milk/half and half of choice.  Supposedly it lengthens and regulates the energy boost your coffee provides, as well as boost your fat-burning enzymes or whatever.

I like coffee, and I like Irish butter, so I figured why not give it a whirl.






That first sip was something of a leap of faith after seeing the pat of butter floating on top, but in all truth, once it’s melted it doesn’t taste very different from my usual half and half.  Larry is in charge of weekday morning coffee, and I don’t see him catering to this particular whim of mine, but I’ve been drinking this on weekends and it’s no big thing.  As to whether it fulfills all the claims, who knows?

More snow was in the forecast (in fact, it started snowing Saturday afternoon and here we are Monday at 11, and it’s still going strong), so it was clear to me that we needed a family project.

I drew inspiration from the kitchen table.


It was my grandmother’s table; she gave it to us when we bought the house.  As a little girl I learned how to make pasta sitting at this table.  She would make trays upon trays of ravioli, and make fettucine, penne and gnocchi from the scraps.  She passed away when Alistair was four.  As the only girl, and one of only three grandchildren, I had my choice of all her belongings, but the table was all I ever wanted.

Anyway, I figured it was high time to share the pasta legacy with the boys – with the tech component of the pasta attachment to our stand mixer.




One thing I will do differently next time, is fan the noodles out a little better.  They stuck together as they dried overnight, and while they were still delicious when we ate them for Sunday dinner, they weren’t your standard-issue spaghetti strands.



So yeah, it’s still snowing.  Larry bought me a pair of running Yaktrax for Christmas, and I’m happy to say I’ve been putting them to good use.



As for the snow totals, as of 7am this morning we were up to 66″ on the season.  60 of it has come in the last two weeks.  Here’s a scale graphic, for the purposes of perspective.

Snow totals 20150209

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