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January 28, 2015

So, as you may have heard, Boston got a bit of snow this week.

This being New England and all, it happens.  Granted it’s been a couple of years since our last official capital-B Blizzard, but still.  It’s winter, and in winter it snows.  We deal.

Unfortunately our snowblower has bitten the dust, so Larry was kicking it old school this time around, armed with only a shovel and grim determination.  On the plus side, this was a light dry snow, not the heavy wet heart attack snow.

The wind kept the car clean, although it is surrounded by a two-foot drift in all directions, up to and including the bottom steps of our front stairway.


Larry chipped away at it all day, and by dinnertime it looked like this:


I’m happy to report that the boys and I stayed indoors all day yesterday; so we were ready to go outside for some fresh air today.  The snowman they made after Saturday’s storm (only five inches that time – a dusting) is almost covered by the new stuff out back.


The bottom three steps are covered out back.


There is two solid feet of snow in the backyard:



Which is roughly knee-high for yours truly:






With drifts to three feet and up.




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