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December 22, 2014

Here I am.  Three days til Christmas.

We had an unexpected trip to the pediatrician on Saturday.  In the midst of a rousing game of SuperMarioCart8, Larson bonked his head on the back of the couch and has a case of whiplash.  Seriously.  He’s walking around the house with one of those c-shaped travel pillow (think neck-sized Boppy) on his shoulder.  The doctor says he’ll be fine by Christmas.  He’s better today than he was on Saturday, so I’m sure that’s true.

But before that we got to the pet shop; the cat and the fish are all set, gift-wise.  We are down to the last little nitty-gritty holiday tasks.

I finally got around to printing the photos for our annual family ornaments.



Dug the hats out from where they’ve been hiding, and tonight I’ll put them in the little tins I use for their handknits each year.


Oh, and the kitchen is coming along too.


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