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December 12, 2014

We are in the absolute weeds of kitchen renovations.  Thanks to a damp garage and a very narrow basement stairway, everything that previously resided in my kitchen now sits in my dining and living rooms, cheek by jowl with Christmas decorations and everyday life.




It is … challenging.

BUT – it is encouraging to see such large leaps of progress when I get home each day.  This is what the kitchen looked like as I went to bed last night.


The new cabinets are here, as is the floor; it looks like a war zone, but I really think we’re in the home stretch.  All the complicated stuff is done, now it’s all about finesse.  Put up the walls, then paint.  Put down the floors, then install the cabinets.  Boom.  I feel reasonably confident that it will all be over soon.  Before Christmas, even.

On a different note, last night our Guild held our annual Yankee swap (I recently learned other parts of the US call it ‘dirty Santa’, ha).  The gift I chose was perfect – so perfect, that nobody had the nerve to swipe it from me 🙂


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