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August 21, 2014

Craft Tuesday this week involved several phases spread out through the course of the day.

Step 1:  Glue a bunch of popsicle sticks together to make four squares per kid.  Let them loose until the glue is dry.


Step 2:  Get a big piece of wax paper and let them color all over it, the darker/heavier the better.  While they have at it, shave some broken crayons into little cups or bowls or piles, and once they’re done coloring let them sprinkle the shavings all over the paper.


Step 3:  Cover the wax paper with another piece of wax paper, and iron them until the crayons melt (sealing the wax paper together).  This is a grown-up job, and be sure to put newspaper under and on top of the wax paper, and maybe a kitchen towel atop it all for good measure.  Let them do something else while the paper cools off.


Step 4:  Cut the paper into square about the same size as the popsicle squares, and glue them onto each.  Let the kids go something else while the glue dries.


Step 4:  Once the glue is dry, trim the excess paper from outside the frames.  I did this part with an Exacto knife, but maybe you’re better with scissors than I.


Step 5:  Use tape to attach the squares together at the corners (if you tape the whole side, it will not fold into a cube.  Ask me how I know).



Step 6:  Send the kids on a scavenger hunt to find two battery-operated tealights that are still functional.

IMG_2727Step 7:  Bask in the glory of the darndest things you find on Pinterest…


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