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August 11, 2014

Do you know about Free Fun Fridays?  Every Friday this summer, various cultural institutions (read: museums and zoos) are offering free admissions; the list changes weekly, so what’s free this week won’t be free next week, etc.  (you can see the full list here).

Last Friday afternoon we took a family field trip to the USS Constitution.  Now I will regale you with a few facts about the USS Constitution – ready?

It was built here in Boston, a few hundred feet away from where it’s berthed today.  It’s the oldest ship in the US Navy – first commissioned in 1797 – and the oldest warship in the world that’s still afloat.  It was a superstar in the War of 1812, and the term “Don’t give up the ship!” was coined by a sailor during a battle.  It’s nickname is “Old Ironsides” because the sailors saw cannonballs bouncing off her sides.

It’s still commissioned by the US Navy, so we had to go through a military security checkpoint to go aboard.  The kids thought that was awesome.

Now, onto the family fun.

IMG_2540  IMG_2543  IMG_2550  IMG_2555 

On Saturday we took a drive up 128 to Rockport, to our old stomping grounds at Halibut Point.  We’ve been going there for many many years, and it never ever disappoints.







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