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July 14, 2014

Last week Larry went to the farmers market unsupervised.  He came back with a few pounds of pickling cucumbers.  A few trips to the grocery store later, we had these:


They need to sit for a few days before they can be sampled.  I’m not a fan of pickles myself, but I’ll give them a try.

Sunday morning I was up and out early – it was a race day, my second Sasquatch, but the first race I’ve ever run without a buddy.



On the plus side, I cut 6 minutes off last years’ time.  On the minus side, the pre- and post-race stuff is pretty lonely when you’re there solo.  Before the race I sat in the shade and did some knitting; afterwards I had a quick hard cider and sandwich, and then home I went.

Had a quick shower, packed up some lunch and then we were out the door again.  Destination, this week’s pick out of the ‘weekend activity’ jar:  the lake on the other side of town.

We had a nice stroll from the main recreation area to the dam between the upper lake and the lower one, complete with a scramble under a fallen tree.







Then back to the meadow near where we parked, for a nice shady picnic lunch.



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