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July 10, 2014

Today I thought I’d share with you a bit of my summer survival plan.

We are going on our annual family vacation to the farm at the end of the month, and Alistair is going to camp next week, so it’s not all gloom and doom.  But I’m only able to work at home once a week, and Larry isn’t able to at all.

Furthermore, Larson is too young for camp, and our child care providers are all eligible for senior discounts.  So we have to get creative to avoid either the “I’m bored” chant or the vicious cycle of the boys beating the stuffing out of each other for two months.  For one thing we’ve limited computer time to 45-minute increments each, and the thing is turned off entirely between 11am-2pm.  So that’s a start.

Since I’m working at home on Tuesdays, I’m able to start early and take a breather at some point in the afternoon;  I’m hoping to either do a craft or a short excursion with them (library, ice cream, etc) during that time.  This week we made terrariums.

photo (8)


But beyond that, there’s a lot of free time folding out ahead of them.  This is where Pinterest comes into its own.   So many ideas!

I created two pick-em jars.  One of them is labeled “Are You BORED?”  and it contains 36 different slips of paper.  Each one falls into one of the following categories:

BBe creative

O – go Outside



DDo something helpful

And if they say one of the magic words (any variant of “bored” or “boring”), they have to pick a slip and do what it says.  Only the D category involves chores, and even those only take a couple of minutes to complete.

The idea is to send their minds into a different direction, and the hope is that once they do what the slip says their little brains will be sparked to do something else.

So far we’ve only delved into that jar a few times, but they’re still digging it. Whew.


The other jar is the “weekend” jar – it’s full of day trips, all within an hour or so of home; most are much closer.  We pick a slip on Wednesday after supper, which gives Larry and me a chance to get the logistics together, pack the necessary bags, find discounted admissions, etc etc etc.  Last week’s beach day came out of the jar.  The boys like the idea of doing something different each weekend.  There are 15 different slips in the jar, although we only have 7 weekends open this summer.  If all goes well and schedules permit, we might stretch it out all the way through the fall.

Who knows, maybe we’ll pack the jar with winter activities too.

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