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July 1, 2014

Last week I went on my first business trip in ten years plus – all the way to Washington DC for a marketing conference.

Business travel is about as glamorous as I remember it, which is to say, not glamorous at all.  But we did manage a couple of good meals, the most memorable of which was at The Pig (  At which we had barbecued pig tails, roasted pig cheeks, and a few different types of bacon and sausage.  It was porky heaven.  HEAVEN.

Here’s a pic of the pig tails – soooo awesome.


The worst part of the trip was missing Alistair’s last day of school; we have a little tradition where we go out to lunch etc etc.  Larry took the day off, and the three of them (plus Larry’s brother) went to Five Guys.  Not a bad consolation prize, if you ask me.

But you know how mommy guilt is, I overcompensated all weekend, and by Sunday they were sick of me hovering and were ready for some boyish shenanigans.

So out came the water balloons.


Which neither of them know how to tie.  So after Larry and I were on Gunga Din duty to the tune of 20 balloons, we pulled out the squirt guns and let them loose.



There were fireflies in the backyard last night.  Summer is here….yay.

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