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June 3, 2014

On Saturday a few local moms and I drove up to Haverhill to participate in a color run.

I’d never heard of a color run until last summer.  It’s a fun run where you are periodically covered in dyed cornstarch.

The one we did was heavy on fun and very light on the run – it wasn’t a timed event, and the terrain was such that running brought the risk of a sprain, fracture, or break.  So we kept up a brisk walking pace, and that was just fine.

Here’s what we looked like at the beginning.  Notice the tees; we brought our street cred all the way from Medford (02155).


And here we are after:


Tee hee hee.

The spectacle of it all was really something to see.  Everyone got a bag of pigment at the end of the race, and the emcee gathered them all together and counted it down every 10 minutes or so.  Three…two…one…. and everyone threw their color up.




Really visually cool.

We were less cool than the average participant – about 20 years less cool, you know what I mean? – but we had fun nonetheless.


A good time was had by all.  If I were to do another one, I think I’d bring the boys with me.  Definitely a kid-friendly event, and who doesn’t love getting dirty without getting in trouble?

On Sunday the family started a new hobby:  geocaching.

When I was about 20 years cooler I heard about this thing where you take a compass into the woods and search for a small “something”.  If you find it, you add your name to a log book contained therein, and get coordinates for the next “something”.  Sounded intriguing except for the compass part.

Enter the internet/GPS age, and wouldn’t you know, not only is there a website – but there’s also an app.  You launch the app wherever you are, and it tells you how many cache’s are in your general vicinity.  You click on one, and it gets you there.

What could be more fun for two boys on a sunny Sunday than a treasure hunt?  Less than a mile away from our own home, no less?

Off we went.  And sure enough, tucked into a joist of a guardrail in a residential neighborhood, we found our first cache.



We added our name to the log, and strolled back home.  Awesome.

The free app allows you to read whatever the cache’s creator wants you to know about the location.  Here’s what it said about the one we found:

The area you are standing was once a bridge over the Boston & Maine ROW which ran to Medford Square. To one side is the Old Ship Street National Register District, home to many fine shipyard workers. To the other side is a 19th century neighborhood filled with grand old homes, and Medford’s only train station. Park Street Station (on Magoun Street, corner of Thatcher Street) was built in 1895 following a request from the City’s first mayor. It is now a private business.

The ones we’ve looked at so far lean toward the historical; not surprising given the age of our town.  I would imagine some of the more rural ones have different descriptions.

There are four other caches in our town alone.  2.4 million worldwide.  There are probably some not far from you right now.

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