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May 5, 2014

Busy, busy weekend.  Family birthday dinner Friday night, family birthday party Saturday afternoon.

In between Alistair and I went on an adventure with one of his friends and his mom; we walked over to Somerville to check out two fun (and free) events.

The first was “Free Comic Book Day” – we went to Comicazi, but it’s a complete phenomenon; probably local stores near you participated as well (  Alistair got an issue of Captain America from 1990.  He was thrilled.

This weekend was also the weekend of Somerville Open Studios.   Turns out that this is the largest open studio event in the country – who knew?  We made it to three stops – a photographer, a potter, and a painter – and saw a window display in our travels as well.  Alistair is a budding artist as you may recall, so he was impressed with the variety of things that are categorized as “art”.

In the course of the two hours we walked a little more than four miles (4.07 to be exact).  That’s a lot for a little dude, so we took the bus for the last mile home.

The boys had a blast – they were chatting and telling jokes the whole way, and so we moms were able to get some quality mom-time in too.  It’s a hard thing to manage, so I always try to take advantage when I can.

And if you ask the boys what the best part was, they’ll tell you it was seeing Somerville’s tallest tree.



Yesterday Alistair also began the couch to 5k program, with me along for the ride.  Day 1 Week 1 calls for twenty minutes alternating between 1 minute of jogging and 1.5 minutes of walking.  We managed 1.36 miles in those twenty minutes.

In my mind this is a great way to spend some fun time with him, with the added benefit of strengthening his legs and stretching out those darn Achilles tendons (despite nine months in braces and a clean bill of health from the orthopedic specialist, he still tends to walk heels-up).

My ultimate goal is to be able to run a 5k with him, but it is still very early days.  After the four miles on Saturday he was pretty out of gas after Sunday morning, but hopefully next time will be easier.

Speaking of running, I’m slowly getting myself back into the swing of things.  Friday was the first morning I got up early and ran outdoors, and then later Sunday morning I got out and ran my 3-mile route – bringing the three-day total to a hair over 11 miles, including all that walking.  I’m shooting to get back into my three-day-a-week running routing, with the ultimate goal of running a 10k in the fall.

On the garden front, the weather has finally motivated us to begin the backyard prep work.  Yesterday we raked out the perennial beds and put out the outdoor table and chairs.  We always seem to end up at the garden center on Mother’s Day, so I’m formulating a plan for a few more shady perennials to go with the hostas, and maybe a hydrangea for the front yard…




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