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March 26, 2014

Every once in a while I stumble across something that makes me go “oooh”.

A few weeks ago we went to Sonic for lunch, and Larry got a pretzel dog – a hot dog in a pretzel-bread bun.  They screwed up his order by putting mustard on it, but that’s a separate issue.

At the time, I thought “oooh”.  I like pretzels, I like hot dogs – I bet together they’re better than the sum of their parts.  And so I began to noodle.

A week or so ago I bought a box of the soft pretzels you buy at the grocery store.  They’re frozen, but I thought if I thawed them out I could unwrap them and mold them around hot dogs.

I was wrong.


They were soft, but they were brittle.  I managed to unwrap one, but it split into three pieces.  So I threaded the hot dogs through the pretzels and baked them that way.

They tasted okay, but not at all what I was shooting for.  Those pretzels aren’t all that good by themselves, truth be told.

Enter Pinterest.  One search of “pretzel dog” and I had more recipes than I could possibly have hoped for.

I picked this one (, and we tried it last night.


Holy moly, they were good.  The outside was a little crisp, but the inside was soft and fluffy.

Only downside is that you make the dough from scratch, so it takes some commitment of time – it worked for us yesterday because Tuesdays are my work-from-home day, but otherwise it would have to be a weekend dinner.  I would also use the dough recipe if I were ever so inclined to make giant pretzels.


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