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March 18, 2014

Have you ever heard of only one person in a family getting a stomach bug?

Me neither, and yet I was surprised that after Alistair had it last Tuesday night, Larson AND Larry came down with it Thursday night.  Which meant Larry wasn’t up to flying solo on Friday.

So when I woke up Friday morning and grasped the lay of the land, it was time for desperate measures…

I woke Alistair up and got him dressed and ready for school early.  He and I left the house at 7, drove to my office to pick up my laptop, got Alistair a bonus breakfast sandwich and OJ in the office building cafeteria, drove back to Medford and dropped him to school on time.  Whirlwind morning!

Then I was able to work from home for the day while caring for the two sickies.  I dearly hoped that the bug would at least miss me, since I had been planning to run a race Saturday morning.

No such luck…it hit me at 11 Friday night.  Ugh.

Everyone had recovered by Sunday, so we did make some progress on the bedroom – I even bought new curtains.  Which are still in the bag.

Getting there…


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