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March 10, 2014

Been a whirlwind couple of weeks, culminating in a very ambitious weekend plan.

After nearly nine years, we repainted our bedroom this weekend.  And bought new furniture.  Yes, at last I have a matching bedroom set.

The kids headed to my MIL’s Friday afternoon.  Larry and I had an early dinner at a restaurant around the corner, then walked home and moved most of the furniture out of our room (and into the boys’ rooms, the hallway, and everywhere that could fit something extra).  Then we applied a coat of primer.  At 9:30 we decided we probably didn’t have enough primer to do a full coat, so we zipped to Home Depot – which closed at 9.  Ugh.  Back home and scraping every last drop out, we did manage to finish the room.  Very thinly.

Up and at-em early Saturday morning, we put the first coat of color on the walls. Then a drive to Ikea where we bought the furniture.  We were able to fit the bed, two night-tables, and the mirror into the car, and had to have the rest (dresser and chest) delivered.  Back home, the first coat had long since dried and looked great!  Only a few spots needed touching-up.

So we cleared the rest of the furniture out (including dismantling our old bed), and began furniture construction.

We’ve bought a lot of furniture from Ikea over the years, but five pieces was our all-time high in one go.  The bed was by far the most complex, it took us all afternoon.  We were almost finished with it when the kids came home, they were able to see us put the boxspring and mattress on.   We took a break to put them to bed (Alistair’s room remained inaccessible, so Larry slept with Larson in his room and Alistair slept with me in ours.

The rest of the furniture was delivered around 9, and Larry and I put together the night-tables after that.

We got up early Sunday morning and put together the chest, and then we took a break to get the kids outside for a bit.  Came back and right to the last piece.  Which took us til 6.  We broke our “takeout only on Friday” rule and ordered Chinese.  Desperate times etc.  Put the kids into the bath and to bed, and then finally – FINALLY – we put the last 8 drawers together.

So all in, it was 48 hours from start to finish.

But – our clothes are still all over the upstairs.  The old furniture still needs to be moved out to the garage.  The radiator cover still needs to be painted.

I’m shooting to have everything settled by Wednesday.  We’ll see how that goes.

I took a ‘before’ picture when the room was cleared out. I didn’t think to do it when everything was in place, so all you get is the old color vs the new color.  Different walls at different times of day, to boot, but hopefully it will give you a sense of the change.


photo 1


and New:photo 2

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