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March 3, 2014

We went to the Peabody Essex Museum the other week – Larry and I were last there in 2010, and the boys have never been.

One thing I really enjoy about this particular museum, is the way it’s curated.  They do a great job of mixing disciplines and eras together in a way where it’s completely intuitive and natural-feeling, it gives a great sense of the creative – how unlike things can feed off each other, so to speak.

For instance, ship models and figureheads are mixed in with nautical paintings of all eras.



They also have a great sense of what kids can tolerate, so here and there are exhibits where the kids can get a little creative themselves.

photo 2

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss’ birthday, did you know?  The school made a big deal about it – part of the Read Across America initiative – and in fact Alistair is reading “Green Eggs and Ham” to one of the kindergarten classes today.  We had a little celebration at home yesterday.

photo (11)

photo (7)

photo (9)

photo (10)

All of which is to say, we’ve been keeping busy, and by hook or by crook we’ll get through this winter!

I have been managing to sneak in outdoor runs about once a week – I’m hoping the weather will turn with the clocks, and that I’ll have enough energy to get up and out early mornings again very soon.  


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