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January 28, 2014

On Sunday we took the boys to the MFA for the first time.

We were there for 2 hours plus, but only saw a fraction of the place, maybe a third.  I think Alistair would have liked to have seen more, but Larson was at his limit by then.  Well past his limit, actually.

Larson liked the samurai and the assortment of seating – I think he tried out every single chair, bench, and couch he came across.



Every so often he talked Alistair into sitting with him.


They both got a big charge out of  the rotunda – all the more so when they realized the low mirror was so you could see the dome without hurting your neck.


In the car on the way home Alistair said his favorite parts were the mummies, the samurai costumes, and the old coins.

Larson’s favorite part was the gift shop.


In other news, Larry’s cousin asked me – challenged me, really – to make a hat with skulls and crossbones.  I had the yarns in my remnant stash, so it was no big deal.  Free pattern can be found here.


Two of my co-workers are expecting babies in early summer; both are having boys.  So I’ve got a little baby knitting to do in the next week or so, and then I will finally begin my selfish knitting project; who knows, maybe I’ll even cast on during the Olympic opening ceremonies next Friday.  Stay tuned for all of those things, plus whatever else comes to mind.

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