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January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!  Boston is ringing it in with a one-two punch of bitter cold and a blizzard.  Yay!

Alistair was supposed to return to school today, but school for today AND tomorrow was cancelled yesterday afternoon.  Double Yay!

Everyone is heartily sick of each other’s company at this point, in all seriousness.  My parents were eager to return to their routine as well, so this morning they came to watch the boys while Larry and I went to work.  It’s a bit after noon now, and I expect to leave the office shortly to ride out the storm at home.

Actually, there’s only an inch or so out there now; apparently we’re going to get shellacked tonight – they estimate Boston will get between 10-12 inches overnight.   Any time snow accumulates faster than an inch per hour, it’s an issue.  A potential problem, even.  Combine that with air temperatures in the singles and wind chills bringing it to double-digits below zero, and you’ve got a major situation on your hands.

And when you combine both of those things with kids – no, an entire family – suffering from cabin fever, well.  Really, anything can happen.

I don’t quite know what we’re in for over these next 24 hours or so, but stay tuned.


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