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December 2, 2013

I took last week off from work.  To get the food and the house ready for Thanksgiving, for sure, but also to shuttle various family members to various appointments.

Alistair transitioned from a cast to a walking boot, and has his next follow-up visit in a couple of weeks; hopefully he will be back in street shoes in time for Christmas.

Larry and I started hosting Thanksgiving before we were married – I think this is our 10th or 11th year – and this year we came the closest we’ve ever been to eating at 1pm (our annual target). We put the bird in at 10:15 and started carving at 2.

Every family has their holiday traditions that become almost ritualistic.  Our family is no different.  On Friday we stay in our pajamas all day.  We put away the Thanksgiving decorations, put up the Christmas tree, and have stuffing-laced meatloaf for dinner.

On Saturday we ventured out in the very cold late afternoon for our town’s Jingle Bell festival and tree-lighting ceremony.  Jingle Bells was written here, and every year the town attempts to break the world record for ‘most people singing Jingle Bells at the same time’.  No word from the Guinness people yet, so who knows.  But it was cold – it was so cold that I wimped out of the 5k that I registered to run – and Larson wasn’t feeling well, so we made it through the singing but not to see the tree lit up.

And so here we are – 23 days til Christmas.  My shopping list is ready and underway, but I’m not going crazy with it yet.  Christmas knitting is almost done, just Larry’s scarf yet to go.

I’m shooting for a nice calm holiday season.  We’ll see how THAT goes.

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