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August 27, 2013

This weekend we took a short drive up to Salem Willows.

It’s a little spit right on the water, with a small boardwalk area, a postage-stamp beach, and a big grassy park shaded by – you guessed it – willow trees.



The boys thought the beach was perfect for beachcombing; we came back with a ziploc bag full of rocks, shells, and beach glass.

After an hour or so, we headed up to a picnic table on the lawn for lunch, and then it was on to the arcade.

My boys are big fans of video games, and to have the ability to play large-scale arcade style games – to say nothing of skee ball! – was an amazing thing to them.  Then you add in the fact that they got tickets for each game, which could be turned in to junk prizes of all sorts, well, they were over the moon.

On our way out I spied a photo booth.  I can’t tell you the last time I saw one of them!  So we all crowded inside.

photo (24)

Six photos, $3.  Capturing the moment, priceless.

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