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July 18, 2013

Summer is in full swing here.  It’s been in the 90’s every day, and up over 100 with the heat index.

I must be getting older, because this year I hate the heat index more than I’ve ever even noticed it before.  ugh.

But, if the heat isn’t great for my garden, it’s GREAT for my boys – with sunscreen and water, of course.

Alistair got his summer haircut last week.


He’s on this new kick where he wants to be driving/piloting something all the time.  (Could this be the year he finally is interested in learning to ride his bike?)  Here he is pretending to be an astronaut.


Larry and I told him about the Smoot marks on the Mass Ave bridge, and so the other day we Smooted our back patio.

IMG_0507  IMG_0510


On Sunday I ran my first race EVER.  It was a shortish trail run by organized-race standards (2.35 miles), but by my standards that is right in my current sweet spot.


I finished far from first, and not very far from dead last, but finished I did.  And I am determined to run it again next year and kick my time’s butt.

CC ran the race with me, and afterwards we had a little photo shoot with her convertible.




Alistair says “only 9 years until I can really drive”.  Gulp.

Other than these small events, it’s just an average Smith family summer:  shuffle the kids from one place to another, squeeze some work in, make dinner on the grill, goof around in the back yard.

Average.  Simple.  Great.


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