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July 11, 2013

Here we are, a solid week after Independence Day and I’m only just now getting around to posting the pics.  Not that we had a giant monumental day or anything, just a family cookout.

First, the breakfast:


Then the cookout menu:


After the dust settled around the table, came the moment Alistair had been waiting for since last October.  The time had come at last to try the Watermelon Challenge for ourselves.  The whole family helped, in shifts of about three.



We wrapped rubber bands around the watermelon for about thirty minutes.  Then we saw something dripping, and then we saw more dripping, and then blammo.




We had the camera set up and recorded the whole thing, but it turns out that our digital camera is limited to only 29 minutes of video, and the things blew at about minute 31.  Better luck next year.  And I’ve been informed that this will be an annual event, so there will be a next time.

Luckily, the cleanup wasn’t too bad.






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