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June 24, 2013

It seems just like yesterday, and also like a lifetime ago, when we took Alistair to a “Day Out with Thomas” event.

In fact, it was almost exactly five years ago.  And the experience resonated so strongly with him that until very recently he thought we really went to the Island of Sodor for the day.

Well, this past Saturday was Larson’s time to go meet Thomas.

DSCN3134  DSCN3162  DSCN3174  DSCN3176  DSCN3200  DSCN3203  DSCN3213  DSCN3230


Despite not being a hot-weather kid, and in spite of it being 90 and humid, he was spellbound.

To his eternal credit, Alistair was in perfect big-brother mode – rather than doing the “I’m too big for this sort of thing” business, he was an absolute gem – hyping it up for days beforehand, and while we were there he was pointing all sorts of things out to Larson, holding his hand and helping him climb onto things.

It was awesome.

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