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May 28, 2013

Though my last few posts might lead you to believe otherwise, our house is not a house of horrors.  Lots of good things are happening too!

For instance, Alistair has his follow-up visit with the orthopedic specialist two weeks ago – I am relieved to say that he is now walking properly 80% of the time.  The doctor was so encouraged by the progress that he’s given Alistair the summer off from brace-wearing.  He thinks that he will continue to walk properly without them, and eventually walk properly 100% of the time.

(We do have another appointment in late August, and if things have reverted back to the braces he shall go)

We went to a family cookout a couple of weekends ago, and the boys had their first hammock encounter.

photo (6)

We are looking into adding one to our own backyard.

Alistair’s school had their annual Memorial Day Concert on Friday, from which

This past Saturday’s weather was dreadful – mid-FORTIES, rainy and windy.  It was so awful that Carolyn and I skipped “Sheepfest” (aka the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival) for the first time in four years.  Instead we had brunch and hit the mall – we called it “Shopfest”.  I had forgotten how lovely it is to go to the mall with no children and only the vaguest shopping list.

Sunday’s weather was so-so, perfect errand-running weather, and that’s what we did.

But Monday?  Oh, Monday.

Monday was Memorial Day, and a no-work, no-school holiday.  We didn’t move the car at all.

I went on a run (this is my third week doing Couch to 5k Week 3, and I am determined that it be my last), and that was about the extent of my ambition.

We hit the backyard about 1:30, and stayed out there until about 5:30.

There was basketball, there was sand and water play (we finally dragged Alistair’s sand/water table out of retirement), there was sliding, there was running through the sprinkler, there was human-log-rolling, there was golf, there was a general soaking-up of the sunshine.  There were hot dogs, and chips, and smores.

It was delightful.

photo (7)

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