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May 22, 2013

What a couple of weeks around here!

Right after the boys had strep, it was “Bring your parents to class” day at Alistair’s Tae Kwon Do studio.  So I took the class with him.  And got my arse handed to me.  It is quite a workout, at it turns out!  15 minutes of cardio warmup and stretching, then a half-hour of kicking drills.

When I went out to run the next morning, I felt every last axe kick – and the outside of my foot hurt.  Like, a lot.  I figured I must’ve kicked something the wrong way, but oh well.  I did the last run of the week and mostly forgot about it.

Three days later, my foot was in agony midway through my run.  I muddled through, but owwwwch.  Later that afternoon I took myself to the local Urgent Care clinic, I thought for sure I had a fracture in my foot.  But no, just a strain; I was told to take the week off from running.

And, so I did.

Cut to this past Monday morning, when I went to run again.  My foot was sore again halfway through – but this time it felt immediately better after I took the sneakers off.  (I’ve decided I probably bought the wrong type of running shoe; will seek professional help over the weekend).

However, my time was awful, and I was a little body-achey.  Which I could theoretically chalk up to a mild hangover.  Except my throat started to hurt later that morning, and by dinnertime I couldn’t swallow even a sip of wine.

Which set the alarm bells ringing!

Back to Urgent Care, where I spiked a fever.  The is apparently a strep epidemic in my town, there were 5 other cases in there when I was there.  My instant strep test came back negative – apparently they’re notoriously unreliable, which begs the question of why they’re in use at all – but the doctor was positive that I had strep.  She prescribed an antibiotic and sent me on my way.

Took the first dose late Monday, and woke up Tuesday with a nasty red rash on my face and neck.  Awesome.

Called my doctor and got an emergency appointment.  It is a reaction to the antibiotic, but (she said) the slow strep test had also come back negative, so she took me off the antibiotics and put me on steroids and allergy pills for 3 days to get rid of the rash.  Awesome.

Several hours later the doctor called again – there had been a mix-up at the lab, and my strep test was in fact positive.  Another (different) antibiotic was prescribed.

What a roller coaster!

I’m working at home today.  The fever is gone, my throat is not at all scratchy anymore, but the rash remains and now has developed a million tiny whiteheads.  I hope this means things are on the mend…


For those of you who have lost track, let’s recap:

April:  Alistair had mono, Larry had an ear infection

May:  Larson had scarlet fever, Alistair had strep, I had a strained foot AND strep


Here’s hoping June is malady-free.




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