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May 7, 2013

The hits just keep on coming …

Midafternoon Friday I got the call no mother ever wants to get at work:  “Larson has a fever and is throwing up”.


I flew home, and walked in to see my very energetic boy lying on the couch like a wet noodle.  I picked him up to put him in bed, and blammo – he puked all over me.  By “all over me” I mean, in my hair, on my shirt, down my bra, on my pants, and on my shoes.  Awesome.

Motrin’d him up, and he perked up.  Ate two pieces of pizza for dinner.  The fever spiked again, and he threw up in the middle of the night.

Because what’s more fun than laundry at 2am?  Not much…

The throwing up stopped Saturday morning, but not the fever.  And then he developed a rash, which freaked me out enough to call the doctor on Sunday morning.  Thankfully my pediatrician’s office has weekend hours; I brought him over and he was diagnosed with SCARLET FEVER.

Which sounds very Jane Austen/Louisa May Alcott-y, but it turns out is actually just a strain of strep that is accompanied by a rash.  Antibiotic’d him right up, and he’s almost as good as new today; just the rash remains.

As for Alistair, he was totally fine until Monday morning when he announced his throat hurt.  I looked down his gullet with a flashlight, and it seemed okay to me, so I sent him to school as usual.  And of course the nurse called me to say his glands were swollen and his throat was red.

So for the second workday in a row I flew out of the office early – my parents brought him to the pediatrician while I made my way home – sure enough, he’s got strep too.  No rash, at least.  Antibiotic’d him right up too – we caught it early enough that he never even spiked a fever.

He had to stay home from school today to give the medication a chance to catch up with the bug.

Needless to say there’s nothing wrong with either of the boys at this point; they’ve been driving my bananas since noon.

As for me, I’m half-hoping I come down with it next; I could use a couple of days to recover…


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