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April 8, 2013

My baby Alistair turned seven yesterday – SEVEN !!!!!

We had a little party on Saturday.

A little “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” party, that is.

DSCN2848  DSCN2851 

DSCN2847  DSCN2857  DSCN2844   DSCN2845

My mother – in – law really outdid herself with the cake this year, didn’t she?

DSCN2855  DSCN2854  DSCN2853

What’s a party without a pinata?

DSCN2860  DSCN2861  DSCN2873  DSCN2876

DSCN2882  DSCN2887  DSCN2888

Ninja masks for all!

DSCN2894  DSCN2897  DSCN2896 

On Sunday we had lunch at Johnny Rocket’s before hitting the Lego store.  We had planned to take a short family hike up in the Middlesex Fells, but when the time came Alistair was too tired (“I just don’t think I’m up to it, Mama” he said) – I keep forgetting he’s still not 100% recovered from the mono – so we just had a relaxed evening, with dinner of his choosing (baked mac and cheese).

Happy Birthday Alistair – you amaze me on a daily basis – I love you !

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