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March 28, 2013

Well, on Monday when I took him to the pediatrician the instant Strep test came back negative.  But apparently it often does, so they started him on antibiotics and sent a slow test off to the lab.

By Wednesday morning the swelling hadn’t subsided at all, and a fever was added to the mix.  I called the doctor again, and it turns out that the slow test also came back negative.

I brought him back in, and they administered a mono test, which came back positive.

My not-quite-seven-year-old son has mono.

No clue from whom, or from where – it can be transmitted from chap stick, or a water bottle, or a public water bubbler, among other places.  The incubation period is very long, as is the contagious period, so there’s no telling when, either.

And none of it matters.  He can’t go back to school until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours.  His glands may remain swollen for up to another two weeks.  And there’s a very common side effect of having an enlarged spleen, so even when he goes back to school he can’t participate in recess or gym for another month.  He can return to his martial arts classes when he’s up to it, but no physical contact there either.

So, our family is once again adjusting to the new normal.

In other news, I finished the sweater!

DSCN2842  DSCN2843

(Photos taken by Alistair)

I ultimately pulled the sleeve out and made it a vest.  Blocked it out over the weekend and I’m wearing it to work today.

I don’t hate it anymore, but boy am I mightily relieved to have it over with.

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