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February 19, 2013

Our spring garden seeds arrived in between storms (yeah, we got another several inches over the weekend).

We did absolutely nothing in the garden last year, but given our decided mixed response to last year’s CSA – and since our original CSA farm is no longer offering one, and the ones in my area are more than double the price they used to be – we’re going to give a small veggie garden a try again this year.

Nothing too crazy – a few different kinds of tomatoes, green beans, basil – things that the boys can pick and eat immediately.  We also got a packet each of watermelon and pumpkin, because why not.   The grapevines finally seem to be established, so hopefully this coming summer’s crop will turn out to be a good one.

We had a bout of termites earlier this winter, and in the course of the treatment we were told that the ground immediately surrounding the house is now unsafe for growing anything edible.  So we’ll have to pull out the berry patches and transplant the peach tree.  Not sure whether we’re going to replant berries at this point; time will tell.  We have a few spots in the running for the peach tree, but that’s a decision that doesn’t need to be made for months yet.

We got a bag full of Hummingbird seed mix, and we’ll plant that in the plots right up against the house.  We have had hummingbirds in the past, so it’s definitely a possibility – and even if we don’t see any, a casual mixed bed of wildflowers never hurt anybody.

The forecast is threatening yet another snowstorm this coming weekend, but for now I’m ignoring the weather and burying my nose in the seed catalogs.

Stupid groundhog.


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