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February 14, 2013

The kids finally returned to school yesterday – a total of three days off from the snowstorm.

Friday was really great – I was working on my laptop, the boys were occupied and not skootchy yet, it was a novelty for all of us to be home all day.

Saturday wasn’t too bad; the morning was spent anticipating playing outside.  When we got outside we lasted only a few minutes, it was too windy and cold, so we were all content to cuddle up and watch movies.

Sunday was sunny, bright and warmer.  I took a walk (a walk!) to the grocery store (almost a mile away) to pick up ingredients for pea soup, and when I got back we went outside to play again – this time we lasted nearly an hour.

No school again on Monday, and the novelty had definitely worn off.  Unfortunately I had to go to the office for a bit, but luckily my mother-in-law had the day off; the boys spent the day with her.

I was able to work at home on Tuesday, but it wasn’t quite so blissful as Friday had been.  To say the least.  But after dinner it was back to normal – get everything ready for school/work in the morning, baths all around, to bed at the normal school-night bedtime.  Alistair will likely never admit it, but I think he was relieved to go back to school yesterday.  I know I was relieved to get back into my routine.

Combined with the two days off from Hurricane Sandy last fall, they have now used up all of the five “buffer” snow days built into the school year calendar; any more and they’ll have to extend the school year.

Oh, and did I mention that February vacation is next week?


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